Our Story

Impano Adventure Safaris was founded by Ben Mugisha in Kampala, Uganda, going on 10 years ago, and we owe our longevity on this ancient continent to sticking to a simple formula: safety, quality, value and service. Over the years we’ve built our reputation on creating incredible itineraries for small groups of discerning travellers: people, who, like us, appreciate the majesty of Africa’s wild places, wildlife and wonderful people. While our global reach has grown to service safari lovers from around the planet, we’ve remained true to our humble African roots: we’re still a family-owned and run business, and we’ve never compromised on what we stand for. Similarly, we value our independence as an autonomous safari operator, and we ensure that we’re as up-to-date as we are objective by regularly visiting all the destinations we recommend. Despite our many years in the business, we’ve stayed curious about every aspect of safari, and we’re always seeking new experiences for our guests.

Our Mission

We strive to be the highest rated tour company in East Africa Our mission is to serve our clients by operating memorable safari tours suited for our clients while emphasizing quality, professionalism and a personal touch. Through our dedicated office staff and field guides, we help put together exciting and wonderful vacation for our clients.

Our Guides

The guides at Impano Adventure Safaris are an integral part of this family-run company. Between the five of them, they have more than some 120 years on the team, which makes these fine gentlemen not only safari experts, but family too.

Ben Mugisha

Tour Guide
When I joined Impano Adventure Safaris in 2008 I’d already been guiding for seven years. That’s right, I’ve been doing this job for four years, and I love it as much as ever!

Fred Kasoma

Culinary Expert
It’s crazy to think I’ve been with Wildlife Safari for more than 15 years now. In fact I know many guests well by now too, having hosted many of them on multiple safaris over the years.

Noelle Batenga

Tour Guide
Although I joined Impano Adventure Safaris in 2011, I still get a thrill from game drives – what’s not to like about adventuring around the wilderness? It gives me a chance to do what I love most.

Phyllis Naama

Tour Guide
I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary with the company, having joined the team in 2009. It was my first job as a guide, and I’ve learnt so much along the way.

Benson Masasi

Tour Guide
The thing I love best about my job is all the travel I get to do, and the many exciting new experiences that brings. I specialise in Big Five knowledge, although my favourite African animal is actually the little gerenuk.

Our Vehicles

Impano Adventure Safaris operates their own top-quality safari vehicles, keeping them expertly maintained in their workshop in Kampala. Whether four-seater or six-seater, the vehicles are tough enough to cope with the harsh African terrain while still offering important safety and comfort features.

With more than 10 years’ experience in delivering East African safari experiences, Impano Adventure Safaris know exactly what’s required in their top-quality safari vehicles. Their four-seater vehicles give each guest a window seat for superb viewing, while the full-size roof hatch allows for unimpeded wildlife photography. Fully equipped and regularly serviced, these vehicles are designed to get guests closer to the action in comfort and safety, with direct radio links to the Kampala office if required.

Impano Adventure Safari’s six-seater vehicles are built to the same exacting specifications as their smaller counterparts, and offer the same excellent all-round viewing with a window seat for each guest and a full-size photo roof hatch. That means that when the animals pop up, so can the guests – cue outstanding wildlife images all round. Each vehicle is regularly serviced, and equipped with water, field guides for creature identification and a first-aid kit. Not to mention an expert local guide!

Car Hire Services

Impano Adventure Safaris has been offering car hire for the last 8 years. We can offer different types of vehicles in Kampala. Delivery can be done at any location at any time within the city. Delivery in office hours is free of charge. With over 5 years of experience and a rent a car service equal to international companies, Impano Adventure Safaris provides competitive rates and delivers a value-based experience to all our clients honouring our commitments to both customers and employees.

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